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Auction Houses | Galleries | Art & Antiques

Auction houses | Pawnshops | Auctioneer
Premium Galleries / Premium Antique Store
Galleries | Antique trade | Art Trade | Antiquarian | Framing
Distinguished Artists / Freelance Artists / Artisans | Ateliers and workshops
Restoration | Art experts

Trade | Renting | Repairs of merchandise

Clothing | Accessories | Shoes | Leather goods | luggage
Jewelers | Retail sale of jewelery and silverware | Repairs of precious metal objects
Home accessories and decorative items made of porcelain, glass, metal, stone and wood | Tableware | Cutlery
Kitchenware | household
Household goods | Home Textiles | Fabrics | Furniture covers | curtains
Furniture stores | Trade in home and office furniture | Lamps | Carpet Trade | Trade in furnishings
Household Appliances | Computer / Consumer Electronics | telecommunications equipment
Repair of household appliances, household goods, data processing and telecommunications equipment
Food | Drinks | tobacco
Pharmacies | Optometrist | medical and orthopedic articles
Perfume | Personal care products
Books | Audio Books
Stationery | School and office supplies | Magazines and newspapers
Toys | Modelling
Musical Instruments | Music | CD | records
Sports shops | Outdoor | Trekking | Rental
Hunting, sporting and firearms
DIY stores | Garden markets | Building materials trade | Rental of construction machinery and equipment
Pet Supplies | animals
Rental of machinery, equipment and movables (excluding motor vehicles and construction machinery)
Car & Motorcycle - Trade, Rental, Maintenance and Repair (Used Cars: Vehicles | Transporters | RVs | Caravans | Vintage Cars | Commercial Vehicles / Trucks | Construction Vehicles | Trailers | Accessories | Car Surveyors)
Bicycle - Trade, Rental, Maintenance and Repair of Bicycles | Bicycle Accessories
Ship - Trade | Yachts | Rental of watercraft | Sailing Schools | Shipbroker | Shipyards | equipment
Aircraft - trading, rental, servicing and repair (new and used): gliders | Motor aircraft | Jets | Helicopter | Parachutes | Dragon sailer | Accessories | Aircraft Broker | Surveyor
Retail sale of fuels
Other - retail

Craft / Crafts / Designer | repairs

Metal workers / Locksmiths / Locksmiths | inside Blacksmith / Art Forge | Farrier. | Great Forge / Drop Forge | Spengler / Plumber / Flaschner / Blechschmiede | Weaponsmith and swordfighter | gunsmith
Carpenter / Joinery | Carpenters / Carpenters / Interior | Furniture Cabinet / Furniture Cabinet | Turners / inside | Parquet layers / interior | Weaving workshops - [Restorers → Art & Antiques]
Upholsterer | Interior
Electricians / Electricians / Electronics / Electronics | Electrical installation / system installation
Saddlery / Saddlery | vehicle Sattler
Construction of buildings / Bautischlerei / window and door construction / carpentry / roofing / Bauspenglerei / building locksmith / scaffolding / painting / glazing / stucco work / tile laying / chimney construction
Building installation
construction industry
Glaziers / Glaziers | Kunstglasereinen | Glassblowers / Glassblowers | Glass Grinding | Glass Sculptors / Glass Engravers | Glass painter / enamel painter

Industry | Large companies

Production of food and feed
Production of clothing | Leather clothing | Fur Products | Textile and leather designers | Fashion designer / interior
Production of textiles | Weber / inside
Manufacture of footwear, leather goods and leather (excluding manufacture of leather clothing)
Production of jewelery, coins and similar products / Gold and silversmiths / Jewelery makers
Production of ceramic and porcelain goods | Potteries / Potters / inside | Porcelain Manufactures | Porcelain painter / interior
Production of glassware / glassblowing / glass grinding / glass painting / interior
Manufacture of furniture / upholstered furniture / slatted frames / mattresses / garden furniture / office furniture (for private | professional / gastronomy)
Production of toys
Production of musical instruments
Manufacture of wooden products / Carpenters / Carpenters / Cooper / Cooper / Framing / Parkettleger
Production of printed matter; Duplication of recorded sound, image and data media
Production of wicker, wicker and cork goods / basket makers / brush makers / interior
Manufacture of mechanical pulp, cellulose, paper, cardboard, paperboard and articles thereof Paper Artist / in
Production of sports equipment
Production of metal products / artistic blacksmiths
Production: metal production and metal working (rolling mills) / foundries
Production of data processing equipment, electronic and optical products
Production of electrical equipment
Mechanical engineering: Manufacture of agricultural and forestry machinery
Mechanical engineering: Manufacture of non-industry-specific machinery
Mechanical engineering: Production of machine tools
Production of motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts
Production: shipbuilding and boatbuilding
Production: rail vehicle construction
Production: Aerospace construction
Production of military wheeled and tracked vehicles
Manufacture of motorcycles (motorcycles), bicycles, vehicles for the disabled
Manufacture of medical and dental apparatus and materials
Production of other products
Electricity supply and energy supply
Production: processing and processing of stones and natural stones / stonemasonry / artificial stone works / artificial stone mesh
Production of concrete, cement and limestone products
Production: Mining and extraction of stones and earth
Production: coking plant and mineral oil processing
Manufacture of basic chemicals, fertilizers and nitrogen compounds, plastics in primary forms and synthetic rubber in primary forms
Production of pharmaceutical products
Production of rubber and plastic goods
Water supply, sewage and waste disposal and removal of environmental pollution
Collection, treatment and disposal of waste; Recovery of substances (recycling, waste recycling)
Wholesale for professional customers (excluding motor vehicles)
Passenger and goods transport in land transport, removals and transport in pipelines

Agriculture | Nurseries | Horticulture | Forestry | Fishing | professional hunter

Agriculture | Country Trade | Plant cultivation | Animal husbandry | winegrower
Nurseries / Gardeners | Gardening and Landscaping | Cemetery gardener | Nurseries | Gardening / Horticulture
Forestry and logging
professional hunter


Musiklehrer | Musikunterricht | Ballettunterricht | Tanzunterricht
Künstler | Orchester | Schauspieler | Schriftsteller
Taxi | Airport transfer | chauffeur service
Travel Agencies / Hotel Reservations / Travel Reservations | tour operators
Amusement Parks | Amusement and theme parks
Swimming pools | Saunas | Solariums | massage Studios
Fitness Studios | sports clubs
Hairdressing and beauty salons | Nail studios | Cleanings | Provision of predominantly personal services | Undertakers
Textile cleaning | Cleaning services for private households | Building cleaning | Chimney sweep | other cleaning services | Disinfection and pest control
Photo Studios | photo labs
Banks / Insurance Companies / Financial and Insurance Services (pawnshops / pawnshops see → Auction Houses)
Real estate and housing | Real Estate Agent | Property Management | Janitorial
Household releases and clearing out
Copy shops | Secretarial and Writing Services | Call Center | Collection agencies | Exhibition Organizer | Provision of other economic services for businesses and individuals
Interpreters / translators / interpreters | Translation Offices | Language teaching / language schools
Postal, courier and express services
Driving schools | Sailing Schools | flight schools
Lawyers | Notaries | Tax consulting companies | Auditors
Business Consulting | Administration and management of companies and businesses | Public relations and communication
Advertising and market research
Software Development | Programming | Programmer / inside
Information services
Mediation and transfer of labor
Social Welfare | Care / Elderly Care | Senior Pencils | homes
Security and Security Services | Detective
Commercial brokerage for private and commercial consumers (excluding real estate, art & antiques, motor vehicles, ships and aircraft)
Warehousing and provision of other services for transport
Games, betting and lottery

Media companies

Publishers | Information and communication
Production, distribution and distribution of films and television programs; cinemas; Recording studios and publishing music

Hotels and Restaurants (Hospitality)

Hotels, guesthouses, inns and other lodgings
Restaurants, restaurants and other gastronomy

Medicine | Pharmacies | Drugstores | Doctors | Veterinarians | laboratories

Pharmacies | drugstores
Doctors | Medical practices | Non-medical practitioner practices | Massage practices | physiotherapy practices
Veterinary / Veterinarians | Animal clinics
Hospitals / Clinics | therapeutic facilities

Engineers / Architects | Designer / interior

Architects | Interior Designers | Urban planning architects | landscape architects
Civil engineers | Specialist planner | Building materials and subsoil testing
Designers for industrial and product design


Research and Development

Clubs & Organizations | Advocacy | church and other religious associations | parties

Charitable aid organizations and associations | Consumer protection organizations
Associations and clubs
Church and other religious associations
Advocacy | Organizations promoting economic or political interests | political parties


Art Museums | Paintings and Sculptures Collections
Museums in castles, palaces, fortresses and archaeological sites
Open-air museums with collections of historical monuments and objects of everyday culture | Museums of Ethnology
Museums on industrial history in historic factories | mines
Museums on Urban History | Museums of persons of history / artists / poets / politicians etc.
Museums on music history, musical instruments and music
Museum of vehicles: automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles
Museums on military history
Museums for Watches | to the history of timekeeping
Museums for porcelain and ceramics

Animal and nature parks

Zoological Gardens / Animal Parks | Game reserves
Botanical Gardens / Natural Parks | Nature reserves / national parks

Facilities in cities / regions / countries | Institutions for education, training and further education

Kindergartens | Schools | Universities and other institutions for education, training and further education
Facilities in cities | fire Department
Institutions in federal states / regions / regions
State institutions
Town books | Libraries and Archives | Universitätsbibiliotheken

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